Use the Volunteer Replacement Cost Calculator to calculate how much an organisation would have to spend to replace volunteer contributions.

Then, complete the Volunteering Costs and Benefits Calculator to estimate the value a volunteer-involving organisation delivers to the Queensland community.  This calculator aggregates the commercial and civic benefits created by each act of volunteering.

Volunteer Replacement Cost Calculator

  • Using the calculator
    Enter the number of hours all volunteers work in your organisation by age cohort. If you are unsure of a volunteer’s age, enter their hours in the “all ages” row.
  • Methodology
    The replacement cost of a volunteer is calculated using the average hourly part-time wage of a person of their age in their State of residence, plus 15% employer on-costs (inclusive of superannuation, payroll tax and administration expenses).
  • Compliance
    This calculator is fully compliant for organisations reporting the fair value of volunteering under the Australian Accounting Standard (AASB1058) Income of Not-for-Profit Entities. Read more

How are you estimating volunteer hours?
Annual volunteer replacement cost: $0

Volunteering Costs and Benefits Calculator


This is the total spent by all volunteers in your organisation, after any reimbursements. Volunteer expenses may include transport, fuel, parking, specialty clothing, equipment, maintenance and other costs. If you don't know how much volunteers in your team
Calculated / estimate volunteer expenses: $0
This is the total spent by your organisation to enable volunteering, including administrative costs, background checks, wages, uniforms, transport and other expenses.
This is the opportunity cost of the time donated by volunteers, which is how much they would have earned on average if they weren't volunteering. This uses average salaries and employment rates for each age group.
Annual Volunteers' time cost : $0
Extimated volunteering investments : $0


Producers' surplus: $0
Productivity premium: $0
Employment: $0
Taxes: $0
Volunteers' labour: $0

Benefit : cost ratio

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